Not even Halloween can stop Lindsey Vonn from working out

As the Reese's pumpkin wrappers on your desk probably indicate, today is Halloween. And while the day probably should be a national holiday, most of us are still stuck working. SIGH.

Even Olympic gold medalists are relegated to the office today. Skiing champion Lindsey Vonn went to the gym for a weightlifting session, but had to share the space with some, um, holiday revelers. Vonn's sister Karin Kildow and friend Becca Reardon were there, donning their best "Blades of Glory" costumes, and practiced their mock-skating routine just a few feet away from a hard-working Vonn.

How impressive is Vonn's focus despite her surroundings? That's probably why she's a gold medalist (and why we're eating Halloween candy at our desks).

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