Virginia McLaurin celebrates her 108th birthday with the Harlem Globetrotters

A year ago, Virginia McLaurin charmed the nation when she danced while enthusiastically meeting President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama. Even the most cynical of people couldn't help but be touched by her energy, grace and patriotism. She was a mere 106 years old.

And now, I'm thrilled to say, McLaurin is back in the news. (Because I would happily read and write about this incredible woman every day if possible.)

McLaurin turned 108 on Monday, and celebrated her birthday with the Harlem Globetrotters. In front of a classroom of students at LAMB Public Charter School in Washington, D.C., members of the team honored her with a cake and her own jersey, and they shared stories of her volunteer and advocacy work. The Globetrotters also donated 108 tickets in her honor to their game this weekend in the city.

McLaurin said her favorite part of the festivities was getting to spin a basketball on her finger. Thankfully, there is video of the perfect moment.

If I could, I would just post 108 lines of heart and heart-eyed emojis here. You're the best, Virginia.

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