Maria Sharapova doesn't appreciate being pitted against Serena Williams

Maria Sharapova's 15-month suspension from tennis due to her use of meldonium is nearly complete. She did an interview with Vogue, which in addition to providing some insight into who Sharapova is as a competitor and a person (she likes French fries, just like us), there is also a nice tidbit about Williams.

"We're not celebrated as two women with completely different backgrounds who have created incredible opportunities for ourselves and our families," Sharapova said to Vogue. "Instead we are ranked against each other for our differences, our game, our earnings. I think the concept of lists and the amount that players make is bollocks."

The two athletes have both faced injuries and setbacks throughout their careers. Though Williams has beaten her 18 consecutive times, that hasn't diminished Sharapova's respect for her.

"The amount of respect that I have for her as an athlete is enormous," she said.

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