Serena Williams is pregnant, so let's throw her a baby shower

AP Photo/Dita Alangkara

It seems Serena Williams was pregnant when she won the season's first major, the Australian Open, in late January.

Serena Williams is pregnant, y'all. This is not a drill. The GOAT legit won her 23rd major championship while growing a tiny human. Clearly, this deserves a party and what better way to throw a party than showering an unborn child with the perfect gifts?

Here are some of our favorites. 

1. Mommy's Tennis Buddy BibLet's be real, this child will totally play tennis with Serena. And she'll never let the kid win. 

2. Tennis Ball Swaddle BlanketEvery baby needs a blanket. Serena's baby will be swaddled in tennis balls. Obviously.

3. Tennis Racket Baby OnesieThere will be so many cute onesies, but this one is definitely one of the cutest. 

4. Kiss My Ace OnesieNo way were we only going to have one onesie on this list. Though we advise against trying to kiss one of Serena's aces. It'd probably kill you.

5. Little NikesTo be clear, no child of Serena, a style queen in her own right, would be caught in anything but some dope kicks. This should get the little one started.

6. Little Sports Star Tennis RacketIf the kiddo is going to be the best tennis player since Serena Williams, the child is going to need an early start.

7. Stuffed Animal GoatDuh.

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