Elena Delle Donne and Amanda Clifton are planning a wedding for good

Last summer, basketball star Elena Delle Donne announced her engagement to Amanda Clifton. There were dog proposals, and it was adorable. 

A year later, the two are excited to tie the knot as the couple participating in "The Knot's Dream Wedding."

Instead of registering for gifts, the couple are asking friends and family to make a donation to the Elena Delle Donne Foundation, which benefits those with special needs and Lyme disease. 

Working with Brooklyn-based wedding planner, Jove Meyer, Delle Donne and Clifton will also give back in other creative ways. Leftover food will be donated to homeless shelters, and flowers recycled at hospitals and nursing homes.

Clifton and Delle Donne are the first same sex couple featured by "The Knot's Dream Wedding."

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