Aly Raisman gets it from her mama -- her dress, that is

We're used to seeing celebrities wear straight-off-the-runway looks from the world's best designers, but gymnast Aly Raisman changed things up over the weekend.

A day after design house KaufmanFranco loaned her a dress  for the red carpet at the NHL awards, the six-time Olympic medalist went for a different look on Saturday night and wore a dress from her mom's closet.  

Not only that, but it's a dress her mother wore 20 YEARS AGO.

Thankfully for us, Raisman posted side-by-side looks of herself and her mom in the dress.

Clearly, she gets it from her mama. You knew that was coming, right?

There's a good life lesson for all of us here: When in doubt or you need something, ask your mom.

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