Serena Williams tried to deposit her first million-dollar paycheck in a drive-thru ATM

Imagine you just earned a ONE MILLION DOLLAR check, what would you do with it? While you're probably thinking of the cars or homes you might buy or the college loans you would pay off, you probably wouldn't try and deposit it at the drive-thru ATM at your local bank.

Well, that's exactly what Serena Williams did with her first seven-figure check.

As you might think, she ultimately had to go inside the bank to complete the transaction. Because, you know, it was a million dollars and all.

Williams revealed this hilarious tidbit during a candid interview with Maverick Carter, better known as LeBron James' business manager, on James' Uninterrupted website.

Discussing her career, her hopes for her future child and why she's never played tennis for money, it's definitely worth a watch for anyone with six minutes and 13 seconds to spare today.

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