This might be the craziest volleyball shot ever

Stop what you're doing right now and watch one of the craziest, improbable, acrobatic volleyball plays ever.

A one-armed swing about 30 feet from the net. In mid-air. Diving with her back toward the net.

That last string of words hardly does Autumn Finney's shot any justice, so here's a video:

Humans are not supposed to make shots like that. But Finney pretty much defied physics by making that shot Friday night in Decatur (Texas) High School's match against Krum.

There's actually another camera angle from the back of the gym that shows how amazing that rally-saving shot was.

OK, one more replay. This is the full shot (and her play in slo-mo) from the stands.

Almost as impressive as her shot is the fact that she immediately got up, hustled back to the net and got herself in position for the return.

Oh, and Decatur won the point.

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