Simone Biles gets shoutout in new G-Eazy song, reacts accordingly

Imagine: You're driving home when, suddenly, you hear your name in a new song. 

Sure, Simone Biles has achieved a significant level of fame thanks to her Olympic skills. But this is a new level of fame for her.

Rapper G-Eazy released his song "Summer In December" on Thursday ahead of his new album "The Beautiful & Damned," which is set to be released in December. In the song (some lyrics may be NSFW), Biles gets a shoutout.

"So my personal interest, take a backseat to the business
But I balance like a gymnast, like Simone in the Olympics"

Of course, Biles took notice, tweeting out the lyrics. How did she react?

That's a perfectly normal reaction.

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