Yes, there is now a Sufjan Stevens song about Tonya Harding

We're now just days away from the eagerly-awaited release of "I, Tonya" and that means a LOT of talk about the film's namesake. So, if a feature film about the disgraced former figure skater wasn't enough for you, there is now a Sufjan Stevens song about her as well.

While you might assume the song as part of the movie's soundtrack, it turns out the singer was just inspired by her story and we're not complaining. The lyrics are  soulful and pointed, opening with the ones below:

"Tonya Harding, my star/Well this world is a cold one, but it takes one to know one/And god only knows what you are/Just some Portland white trash/You confronted your sorrow like there was no tomorrow/While the rest of the world only laughed/Triple axle on fire/A delightful disaster, you jumped harder and faster/You were always so full of surprises"

Stevens said he had wanted to write a song about Harding since 1991 -- yes, that would be before the scandal -- and called her a "complicated subject" and admitted to initial drafts of the song containing "more than a few puns, punch lines and light-hearted jabs." The final version is beautifully earnest and you really should just listen to it now.

While Harding has yet to publicly comment on the song, she was in attendance at the film's premiere this week so perhaps we'll be hearing more from her in the immediate future.

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