Oregon and Southern Utah women's basketball teams hold an ugly sweater game

The Oregon women's basketball team routed Southern Utah, 98-38, on Saturday. But despite the incredibly lopsided competition on the court, there was still was some fun on the sidelines.

The coaches of both teams, and the student managers from Oregon, all rocked their holiday best -- or worst, your call -- for an ugly sweater game. Ducks head coach Kelly Graves even posted a "Who wore it Best?", pitting the coaches versus the managers. I'm just going to let you decide for yourself.

While Graves didn't formally post a poll, a quick glance at the post's comments shows fans were split pretty much down the middle -- likely because you really can't go wrong with any of these holiday looks.

And if you're wondering how else Oregon, or at least Graves, got in the festive spirit, he also hosted a gingerbread house competition this weekend.

Can we please make every team participate in an ugly-sweater game (complete with gingerbread house competitions after)? This really needs to be a thing.

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