Alex Morgan and Servando Carrasco's luggage was lost, and they've been wearing the same clothes for days

Alex Morgan and husband Servando Carrasco spent time earlier this month in Tanzania as part of U.S. Soccer Sports Envoy program. Helping promote the game and holding clinics across the country, the soccer duo looked to have a memorable trip with their various posts on social media.

However, it's been a different type of memorable on their journey back. Flying from Tanzania to Spain, the pair discovered their baggage had been lost. After 36 hours of waiting, and wearing the same clothes, they still hadn't received an update, so Morgan took to Twitter.

They seemed to be taking it all in stride and Morgan pondered a very important question several hours later.

As of Wednesday afternoon, they still don't seem to have their luggage -- but are getting some helpful offers from fans around the world.

Oh, internet, you're really fun sometimes.

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