Jennifer Lopez brings #Timesup movement to Puerto Rico: 'We want to be treated equally'

While many of her peers were in Los Angeles on Sunday for the Golden Globes, Jennifer Lopez was in Puerto Rico, touring the island, nearly four months after the devastation of Hurricane Maria, and asking for more financial support from the U.S. government. Joined by boyfriend Alex Rodriguez, Lopez was dressed in all black, in solidarity with the #Timesup movement, and she spoke about equal treatment for those on the island.

"I stand here today in black, doing the same from far away," she said during a press conference. "And it's the same thing as here in Puerto Rico, we want to be treated equally."

The couple also announced the launch of a new fund, directed at providing aid to health care centers around the island. Lopez told sister Lynda Lopez, a correspondent for ABC News, she was feeling more optimistic after spending time in Puerto Rico: "I feel hopeful," she said. "I feel that they gave me hope."

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