Simone Biles admits to once being self-conscious about her body but credits Aly Raisman with helping her love it

When you think of Simone Biles, you likely think of her incredible gymnastics skills, Olympic gold medals and unwavering confidence. However, even with all of her accolades, the 20-year-old admitted she was self-conscious about her body for years despite all she has been able to achieve with it.

In a piece for "Today," she discusses getting teased by her classmates growing up due to her muscular arms. "People would say mean things at the time," she said. "They used to call me a 'swoldier,' which didn't make me feel the best. I wore sweaters or jackets all year long to cover my arms."

But thanks in large part to her teammate and friend Aly Raisman, Biles says she's learned to love and appreciate her body -- muscles and all.

"Aly Raisman helped me a lot with my body-confidence issues and helped me learn to love how I look. She's taught me a lot along the way, but most of the time it's just the same message: Love yourself. It doesn't matter if you don't want to wear makeup that day, if you don't want to do your hair that day or anything else. You're human too, so do what you like."

No matter if you're a world-class athlete or a regular person who watches said athletes on television, I think there's a lesson in here for all of us.

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