How good is Chloe Kim? She can tweet about food during qualifying and still have the best results

The expectations for Chloe Kim's first Olympics couldn't be higher, but the 17-year-old snowboarder doesn't seem too stressed about it.

During her qualifying runs on the halfpipe on Monday, she was tweeting about food. That's right, people, just when you thought she couldn't get any more likable, she goes and tweets about churros and ice cream. If that doesn't say "Woman of the people," I don't know what does.

And if you're all like, "Wait, she was tweeting this during the competition?" ... yes. Yes, she was.

And if you're now all like, "Shouldn't she be focused on snowboarding and not on tweeting?" and mumbling to yourself about distractions and kids these days, please know she had the best qualifying results of the day and remains the favorite to win gold.

So carry on, Chloe, and please go enjoy some ice cream.

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