Breanna Stewart does it for the 'gram, shows off brand-new Maserati

Choose your adventure: You're a 23-year old professional basketball player and have never owned a car before. You decide it's time to get your own whip, what do you do?

A. Buy a bicycle. It's good for the environment. And I'm a professional athlete, so I love to exercise!

B. I research all the practical cars out there, and ultimately buy a Honda or Toyota with great mileage.

C. Um, I buy a Maserati, of course. Go big or go home, right?

D. Wait, I'm a professional athlete and I'm only buying one car? WRONG. I need three, please.

Breanna Stewart opted to go with C. The Seattle Storm star somehow went without a ride during her first two seasons in the league, but made up for lost time with her chosen car.

Calling it "love at first sight," Stewart admitted she had to "flex on the 'gram" with her new Maserati -- and she looks pretty smitten while sitting next to it.

Love at first sight. I had to flex on the gram for my first car. New masi who dis??

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NEW MASI, WHO DIS? (Something I'll never be able to say in my own life, but good for you, Breanna. Good for you.)

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