Did Megyn Kelly really beat Danica Patrick in a go-kart race on live television?

Danica Patrick made the media rounds on Wednesday in New York to promote her upcoming final race at the Indianapolis 500. She kicked off the day with an appearance on "Megyn Kelly TODAY," where she reflected on her career and her achievements and talked about her off-the-track interests.

She also fielded a (baffling) question about whether men have inherent advantage driving cars, answering with a perfect "no." Because, duh, right?

After that awkward moment, Patrick and Kelly raced go-karts around the studio, both while wearing impressive heels, and it resulted in some pretty entertaining morning television.

I don't want to accuse Kelly of cheating or anything here, but I'm convinced she added an additional lap without actually telling Patrick. I mean, did anyone actually hear any rules? I, for one, did not. But, win however you can, right?

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