The inspirational Sheppard sisters appear on new season of 'No Days Off'

If you're anything like us, you've been rooting for the inspirational Sheppard sisters since they first burst into the national consciousness in 2016. The three siblings -- Tai, 13, Rainn, 12, and Brooke, 10 -- were living in a Brooklyn homeless shelter with their mother when they all won medals in track and field at the Junior Olympics.

Since then, the trio has continued to dominate the youth track scene. They were even named Sports Illustrated's SportsKids of the Year and made a number of television appearances. And best of all, the family moved into its own home last April.

Despite all their success and recent good fortune, the Sheppard sisters are still as dedicated as ever to their sport, and are all focused on making the U.S. Olympic team someday. And, lucky for all of us who have been rooting for them since we first heard their story, they are featured on the Season 2 premiere of the Whistle Sports docu-series "No Days Off." Premiering online on Tuesday, with a new episode airing weekly, the series focuses on ridiculously talented Gen Z youth and their quest for greatness.

Other young athletes appearing on the new season include 13-year-old diving phenom Denny Gulia-Janovski and 12-year-old sport stacking star PJ Ball.

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