Maria Sharapova and Rafael Nadal practice together in Rome

Choose your own adventure: You're a professional tennis player trying to get ready for the upcoming French Open. What do you do?

A. Play in every clay-court warm-up tournament

B. Watch film and practice as much as possible

C. Eat croissants and every other delicious French pastry

D. Play with 10-time French Open champion and the clay-court GOAT Rafael Nadal

While I'm hoping all of you at least considered Option C, I'm going to assume everyone selected the fourth option (and if you liked either of the other choices, I apologize because I have nothing for you). And, you'll be happy to know, Maria Sharapova -- a two-time champion in Paris herself -- made that very same decision.

While in Rome ahead of the Italian Open, the two tennis superstars took the court together for a quick practice session. Sharapova called it a "bucket list" moment, and can you blame her? Here's a video of a pretty intense rally, which Sharapova definitely wins:

Although he didn't share a video, Nadal seemed equally happy about their time on the court.

So, like, mixed doubles? Guys? Guys? Think about it? I'm just going to pretend this is happening.

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