Chrissy Teigen weighs in on the current cheerleader debate

A high school in New Jersey made national headlines last week after implementing a new policy allowing everyone to join the school's cheerleading squad in response to a parent being upset about their child not making the team.

Several parents and students then reportedly complained at Hanover Park High School after the change was made, and it's since sparked a national debate between the anti-participation trophy crowd and those who believe in the importance of inclusivity.

As she often does, supermodel and Twitter icon Chrissy Teigen has come to settle the debate once and for all. Or at least I assume that's what she was doing. Taking to social media on Monday, Teigen shared a story about being a member of her cheerleading squad in high school. Teigen said her school allowed every interested student to join, she shared how they divided the group into two teams (one being the unofficial varsity) and why she loved being part of the junior varsity squad.

Warning: There is one not-so-family-friendly word that you've seen before in the tweets below. Please proceed at your own risk.

Note to Chrissy, who is most definitely not reading this, but a girl can dream: I know you sometimes get annoyed when people aggregate your tweets, but I thought you had a great point so please don't be mad at me.

I love your cookbook, please be my friend, okay, thank you, byeeeeeeee.

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