Dawn and Champ Staley send off the South Carolina softball team in style

Earlier this week, we told you about Champ Staley being the South Carolina softball team's unofficial mascot, but I am happy to now inform you that Champ's mom -- the Gamecocks' women's basketball coach Dawn Staley -- wanted to do her part for the team before it left to face Arizona State for the Super Regionals.

Staley addressed the team before they departed Columbia on Tuesday afternoon. She told the players how proud she was of them and their efforts before giving a brief pep talk. "Be you, hit that ball, pitch that ball, it doesn't have to be all the time, it just has to be in the moment," she said.

Not to be outdone, Champ made sure to join in and pose with Dawn and the squad before everyone got on the bus to the airport.

I have no affiliation with the University of South Carolina, but if the school's administration is looking for unsolicited advice from a random person, I think they really need to create a statue of Dawn and Champ to be placed at the main entrance ASAP.

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