Sanya Richards-Ross shares video of her son's adorable first steps

Retired track star Sanya Richards-Ross has shared many of her milestones with her fans, but perhaps none greater than this moment with her 10-month-old son.

Aaron, who is nicknamed "Deucey," has been an adorable fixture on his mom's Instagram account since his birth last year, and on Tuesday, he made perhaps his best appearance yet as he took his first steps. Going from his Olympic gold medalist mom to his Super Bowl-winning dad (former New York Giants cornerback Aaron Ross), Deucey looks like running might be in his future as he makes his way across the living room floor.

The reactions of everyone involved make this completely worth stopping everything you're doing, finding your headphones from your office desk drawer and watching right now.

Does anyone else feel honored to have gotten to witness such a special moment?

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