Lauren Chamberlain loves roller coasters at carnivals, is cool with accidentally swallowing bugs

Lauren Chamberlain is one of the most storied college softball players of all time, a star on the USSSA Pride and a soon-to-be ESPN the Magazine Body Issue model. But you knew all that.

What you might not know is that the 24-year-old also happens to have one of the most hilarious stream of consciousness ever recorded. During Tuesday's game against the Cleveland Comets, Chamberlain was filmed talking about, well, anything and everything.

From carnival roller coasters to how accidentally swallowing a love bug is not a big deal (unless you're a vegan, then maybe that's a problem, but she's not totally sure), this will easily be the most entertaining 87 seconds of your day.

I have no idea what I just watched or heard, but I'm probably going to hit play 50 more times today.

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