Ronda Rousey relives her 'Shark Week' experience with Stephen Colbert

Ronda Rousey is living the good life these days as a WWE superstar, action-movie hero, newlywed and, perhaps most importantly in my humble opinion, a guest star on last month's "Shark Week."

Thankfully, it seems like Stephen Colbert agrees about the importance of that last title and was quick to ask the former UFC champion about her work on Discovery Channel's famed event during her appearance on "The Late Show" on Tuesday. As she, you know, hand fed a bull shark (!!!), she had a few things to talk about.

She also discussed her new movie, "Mile 22" and shared the incredible reason she didn't have to shave her hair off for the role. All and all, it's definitely worth the next seven minutes of your life.

And in case you didn't see any of Rousey's jaunt with sharks, here's a clip below:

What is the point of hand-feeding sharks, you ask? I honestly have no idea but it makes for great television.

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