Why OneRepublic Songs Mean Everything To Swimmer Victoria Arlen

Ben Stansall/AFP/Getty Images

Paralympic swimmer Victoria Arlen contracted a rare illness when she was 11 and slipped into a vegetative state for nearly four years. Eventually, though, she slowly emerged from the coma, learning to speak, eat and move again. But she never regained the use of her legs.

Arlen began swimming competitively in 2010, going on to win four medals (one gold and three silvers) at the 2012 Paralympic Games.

Now a sportscaster, speaker, actress and model, the 21-year-old Boston native shared two songs that have meant the most to her during her life: "I Lived" and "Good Life," both by the American pop band OneRepublic.

"'Good Life' was my gold-medal song and is what I sing when I need to get focused and keep calm," Arlen said. "It also just makes me super happy, and I love jamming out."

"I Lived" is equally important to her.

"It is a song that symbolizes my journey," she said. "My [mother] and I always dance and sing when this song comes on and have a moment. The fact that I survived and was able to recover and go on to do the things I do is a miracle, and this song reminds me that I truly lived."

Arlen also shared the rest of her playlist, complete with Journey and Coldplay.

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