Olympic marathoner Desiree Linden's classic rock playlist

Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images

Two-time Olympic marathoner Desiree Linden listens to music all the time -- except when she's actually running.

"To me," she says, "the road time is the time when you want to listen to your body. There's a rhythm within running and you want to find your pattern. You don't want the distractions of a different rhythm.

So she'll crank up the tunes on the way to practice, run for miles in silence, then, "come back and have headphones on basically the rest of the day."

Her favorite genre? Classic rock. So classic, in fact, that her lucky song ("I'm Ready" by Muddy Waters) was released five years before Linden, 33, was born.

Later this week, Linden will be racing in the NYRR Midnight Run in Central Park. The annual race starts at midnight -- right after the ball drops in Times Square. In 2010, Linden set the women's record on the four-mile course (20:51), and she hopes to start 2017 with another win.

Here's the list that pumps her up pre-run:

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