The move I love to hate: Softball player Monica Abbott's spider crunch

Pitcher Monica Abbott made headlines last summer as the most valuable player in the National Pro Fastpitch league -- literally. The 2008 Olympian and former player for the University of Tennessee joined the Houston-area Scrap Yard Dawgs with a six-year, $1 million dollar contract, the biggest on record in the 14-year-old league.

Perhaps one secret behind the lefty's million-dollar arm: abs of steel. Abbott shared her most killer core-strengthening move:

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The move: TRX oblique spider crunch

How to do it: Get into the up position of a push-up with both feet in one side of the TRX straps (both foot holes). Find your balance. Then, supporting yourself on your hands and left suspended leg, take the right foot out of the strap and bring your knee toward your right shoulder. Straighten your knee, extending your leg back to the start position and repeat. Start with three sets of 10 reps on each side. Once you can do that with control and stability, add reps. Abbott does three sets of 20 reps on each side.

When I do it: I usually do this two times a week -- or anytime I want to get a tough abs workout in and tighten up the core.

Why I do it: This move works everything: balance, stability and obliques. It helps you get those summer abs you want and the core strength for the sports that we all so love.

Why it's so killer: It's basically holding a three-point plank and trying to do a side crunch at the same time. Bringing your knee that far in, especially with control, is no joke.

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