What athletes eat: Softball pitcher Cat Osterman's taco soup

After 10 years with Team USA and eight seasons in the National Pro Fastpitch league, two-time Olympic medalist Cat Osterman retired from the sport in 2015 and now serves as a pitching coach at Texas State University. But she still hasn't retired the go-to meal she was notorious for making so often in college. And as a four-time All-American, she was clearly doing something right.

"I like to cook, but I don't have a lot of time," Osterman says. "I love that this is simple to make and makes a ton, so I have enough for lunches and dinners for weeks. You can even freeze the leftovers. Most people would assume you make soup in the winter, but I eat this at all times. And I never get sick of it!"

Cat Osterman

Day and time: Dinner on a weekend night -- plus leftovers for tomorrow!

Place: My home in San Antonio, Texas

What I'm eating: Taco soup

Why I'm eating it: It's a healthy meal with lots of protein, and it's easily manipulated to be spicy or bland depending on your taste buds. I don't eat it before a game, but it's an easy meal to have on hand.

Bill Diehm/Courtesy of National Pro Fastpitch

Whose recipe: I got it from my mom, and it's one I've used for over 10 years.

The recipe:
3 cans of beans -- your pick! I usually use black beans, kidney beans and ranch beans
1 can of corn (I use no-salt cans)
1 can of Rotel -- again, pick your flavor. Medium gives it good spice, but the Mexican flavor has a little kick and lime to it.
1 can diced tomatoes
For each can you dump in, also add half a can of water
Low-sodium taco seasoning
Ranch dressing mix (The powdered kind you'd make dip out of. This is the only place I don't go "low fat".)

Stir everything together, and cook over medium high heat. Bring to a boil, and let cook for 30 to 45 minutes.

Optional: I've added ground turkey, ground beef, and shredded chicken. Add this in after the mix starts to boil.

Serve over crushed tortilla chips (or you can leave them out). You can also top it with shredded cheese, onions or avocado slices.

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