Figure skater Alexa Knierim's 'calm-down-the-nerves' playlist

Amin Mohammad Jamali/Getty Images

Olympic figure skater Alexa Knierim's mood is often directly tied to her playlist, and she picks each song accordingly, whether it's something slow and melodic to bring her heart rate down before competition or high energy hip-hop at the end of a run workout. "I go for whatever is going to draw the target emotion I need on that day, from training to traveling, to competing, to simply running weekend errands," she says.

But while Knierim, who skates with her husband, Chris Knierim, has two national pairs championships to her name, as well as an Olympic bronze in the team event from Pyeongchang, she makes no claim to her talent for singing along. "When I sing, our two dogs start barking and our cats walk out of the room," she admits. "I'm probably better served appreciating other people's musical talents rather than sharing my own."

Knierim gave us the details on the playlist that helped her keep her cool at the Olympics. "With my personality I'm usually trying to dial the energy down a notch, rather than crank it up," she says. "Then when you throw in the pre-competition adrenaline and nerves ... whoa boy!"

She shared her calm-it-down list:

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