The move I love to hate: Mountain biker Jill Kintner's double Bosu lunge

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Cyclist Jill Kintner has covered some serious territory when it comes to bike racing: She won the 2008 Olympic bronze medal in BMX, and has also earned seven U.S. championships in downhill and six in slalom.

So maybe it isn't surprising that when we asked her about a go-to training move, the one she came up with involves not one, but two Bosu balls. "Cycling is really asymmetric with having one foot forward all the time, so this is a good drill to get your body coordinated and strong on both sides while rotating," Kintner explains. "The uneven surface helps recruit the stabilizing muscles." Here's how it works:

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The move: Lunge on Bosu balls with weight plate rotation

How to do it: Set up two Bosu balls lunge distance apart and slightly offset so each foot will be on the center of the ball. Hold a weight plate with both hands, then get into position and bend knees to lunge. Hold lunge, and rotate plate from center to each side, returning to overhead center each time.

Hold a strong core. I find it a bit easier to look forward at the mirror and breathe. I used a 10-pound (5 kilogram) plate, but up to you to decide what works. If it's too heavy, it's defeating the point.

When I do it: It's a good drill for mobility, balance and coordination. I use it toward the end of my warmup or on coordination days. I try to do 2 to 3 sets of 6 per side, but it's more about whatever feels right.

Why I do it: It's a fun challenge that works your stabilizer muscles, core and focus. I like the unstable ground for your feet and ankles so they have to engage.

Why it's so killer: It's just really hard to maintain the rhythm and keep balance on the balls!

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