Two-time cliff diving world champ Rhiannan Iffland's 'get-in-the-zone' playlist

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It's not just any athlete who comes into a sport and wins the world championship on her first try. But that's exactly what Australian Rhiannan Iffland did as a wild card entry to the Cliff Diving World Series in 2016. She went on to repeat the victory in 2017, despite sitting out one event due to injury, and is now looking for a three-peat at the 2018 World Series, beginning June 2 on Possum Kingdom Lake outside of Fort Worth, Texas.

Iffland, who grew up in South Wales, says she's been a daredevil as long as she remembers. Growing up she trained in trampolining and competitive diving (into a pool, that is).

With dreams of going to the Olympics, she trained twice a day from age 10 to 19, but ultimately felt burned out and bored with the sport.

But after a couple years of using her diving and trampoline skills as a cruise ship entertainer, she discovered the sport of cliff diving. At twice the height of Olympic dives -- typically about 20 to 22 meters -- and reaching speeds nearing 50 miles per hour, she's found her rush.

Controlling that adrenaline in competition takes just the right playlist to get her in the zone. Her favorite songs? Anything by Australian artist Tash Sultana, who got her start on the streets of Melbourne and has become a cult sensation, selling out shows with little to no promotion. "[Her songs have] such great rhythm, and I love the story behind the artist," says Iffland.

Here's the rest of her list:

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