What athletes eat: Olympic runner Shannon Rowbury's high-protein oatmeal pancake

Courtesy of Shannon Rowbury

Middle-distance runner Shannon Rowbury has represented Team USA at three Olympic Games and owns the American record in the 1,500 meters (3:56.29).

But this summer the six-time national champion has bowed out of her typical racing season. The reason? She and husband Pablo Solares, Mexican national record holder in the 1,500 meters and mile, are expecting a baby girl at the end of June.

"Now that I'm deep into my third trimester, I've had to alter my training, but I am still keeping very active," Rowbury says. "I've been doing a lot of fun local road races in the San Francisco area, walking a ton and doing stabilizing exercises to keep my body moving well."

She shared one of her go-to lunch recipes -- perfect for after a hard workout, or anytime for an active pregnant athlete.

AP Photo/Jason DeCrow

When: Lunch

Place: Home or on the road because it doesn't take a lot of special ingredients

What I'm eating: Oatmeal pancake

Why I'm eating it: It's high in protein, full of complex carbs and easy to make. When I'm getting ready for racing season and I have to watch my diet, I love this because it's healthy but makes me feel like I'm indulging myself.

Whose recipe: Years ago an old teammate (who had once been a body builder) told me she used to make a mock pancake with oatmeal and eggs. In the years since, I tweaked the recipe and added toppings to create a lunch recipe that really hit the spot.

The recipe:

1 instant oatmeal packet (or serving of instant oatmeal)
2 eggs
Topping suggestions: Almond butter, nonfat plain Greek yogurt, bananas, frozen blackberries, real maple syrup

Whisk oatmeal packet with two eggs. Heat a nonstick pan on medium-low with coconut oil. Once hot, add mixture to pan. Cook until browned, flip and cook the other side.

Top with whatever toppings you prefer. I usually spread almond butter on the pancake, a dollop of yogurt, sliced banana and, if I can get it, frozen blackberries heated in the microwave with some real maple syrup.

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