What athletes eat: Sprinter Kaylin Whitney's prerace salmon dish

Bill Frakes for ESPN

Kaylin Whitney set world youth bests in the 100 and 200 meters before giving up her high school (and NCAA) eligibility to turn pro at age 17. She went on to win two gold medals at the Pan Am Games. Now 20, she is still striving toward that Olympic dream.

Whitney has come a long way since first becoming a track star as a tween, but some things never change, including her prerace meal ritual. Forget spaghetti dinners; for Whitney, it's all about the fish and veggies.

She shared the recipe that she cooked up recently before a hometown meet:

Day and time: Friday at 7 p.m., the night before one of my competitions

Place: Home in Clermont, Florida

What I'm eating: Asian salmon with mixed vegetables and quinoa

Courtesy of Kaylin Whitney

Whose recipe: This recipe is from a combination of Google searches! I have made this dish with so many different flavors, so many different times, that there isn't really a set recipe I follow every single time. Whatever flavor I'm craving on that day is going to be the deciding factor.

Why I'm eating it: It's just my thing! Ever since I started running track, having fish and vegetables for dinner the night before the track meet is something I've always done. Whether it's from a restaurant or made at home, I will find a way to stick to stick to my premeet ritual.

The recipe: This time, I followed the recipe from gimmedelicious.com.

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