The move I love to hate: Beach volleyball pro April Ross' side plank with a dip

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April Ross serves at the AVP Manhattan Beach Open.

Two-time Olympian April Ross has been a fixture on the beach volleyball scene for more than a decade, bringing home medals from both the London and Rio Olympic Games (silver and bronze, respectively).

Ross served up another victory last weekend at the AVP Manhattan Beach Open with a new partner, Alix Klineman.

But that kind of staying power doesn't come easy. The 36-year-old Ross gave espnW the inside scoop on one of her most challenging core training moves. "This is a new oblique move that we just added to my lifting program," she says. "I started with just a side plank for 20 seconds, and then we added the hip dip. I thought I'd done every ab move in existence and I hardly ever get sore, but this move challenges me, and it makes me sore!"

@aprilrossbeach giving us all the motivation on #workoutwednesday. 💪

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The move: Side plank with a hip dip

How to do it: Find something to elevate your feet on and balance on your forearm. In a controlled manner, let your hip come down towards the floor and then push your hip up toward the ceiling. Repeat for 20 seconds. I usually get around 15 dips per 20 seconds.

When I do it: I do it on each elbow for 20 seconds about once or twice a week. Then repeat that four times for a circuit.

Why I do it: It creates functional ab strength and targets a part of my core that gets missed with more common exercises.

Why it's so killer: The burn! Twenty seconds seems like a short amount of time until you do the hip dip for that long.

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