The reggae cover song that gets Olympic Nordic skier Sadie Bjornsen in her prerace zone

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Sadie Bjornsen competes in the cross-country 10K race at the 2018 Olympics.

A bronze medalist in the team sprint at the 2017 world championships, five-time Nordic skiing national champion Sadie Bjornsen calls Anchorage, Alaska, home. But while others are heading home for the holidays, Bjornsen packs up in November to spend five months racing overseas.

We caught up with her as she was leaving for the World Cup circuit to ask about her prerace routine.

"It doesn't take me much effort to get pumped up," Bjornsen said. "When a race is coming, my stomach will fill with butterflies. I start talking really fast and sometimes I struggle to focus."

That's when a little music helps to calm her nerves. "I like to listen to tunes while I'm packing my race bag in the morning," she said. "We generally head out to the race course around two hours before the start to warm up and test skis, so the hours before are when my nerves are the highest. I blast it super loud so I can sing along and not hear my own voice -- either out loud or on my noise-cancelling headphones."

The song she's got playing over and over again this season is Conkarah and Rosie Delmah's reggae cover of the Adele song "Hello."

"It has a really funky and fun beat in both a relaxing as well as a 'pump up' fashion," she said. "A lot of times before the race I need to be in this sort of out-of-world place, to take my brain out of the moment, bring myself somewhere else and find a state of relaxation. The best way to do that is with this fun dancing beat."

Here's Bjornsen's full playlist:

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