The 'strange' playlist that downhill ice skater Amanda Trunzo listens to before she races

Courtesy of Red Bull

Amanda Trunzo earned her chops as an athlete playing ice hockey at Dartmouth and representing the U.S. under-22 team in 2010. But after graduating in 2011 she discovered a new sport: Crashed Ice.

Featuring four skaters racing side-by-side at speeds reaching 50 miles per hour down steep vertical drops and careening around hairpin turns, Crashed Ice will make its first appearance at Boston's Fenway Park on Feb. 8 and 9. The 2,000-foot track, built into the iconic ballpark, is seven stories tall. And Trunzo will be looking for gold.

Trunzo really got into Crashed Ice racing three years ago when Red Bull expanded to become a full tour for the women. "That first year was a big learning experience for me as I hardly trained for it and didn't know the true talent of the women I was getting involved with," Trunzo said. "The second year I amped up my training, doing CrossFit five days a week, going on a skating treadmill and hitting the skate park."

Those efforts boosted her to second in the world in 2017. And in 2018 she managed to put all the pieces together. "I came into the season with tremendous amounts of confidence, in the best shape I could be in and knew I could do it," Trunzo said. She took first in the world, a feat she wants back this coming season.

As this year's race draws closer, Trunzo filled us in on the songs that will be getting her ready for action. "My playlist is strange!" she confessed. "I get pumped up on random slow country songs that people often make fun of me for."

But the song that's most likely to be in her head when she's standing at the top of the track in Fenway looking down: Halsey's "Without Me."

"That song is constantly running through my head with me singing those carried out notes. I often catch myself bopping my head to the beat. It's super catchy and I love it."

The rest of her playlist: (Please note "Without Me" has explicit lyrics)

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