The Beyoncé song that gets three-time Olympian Elana Meyers Taylor ready to race

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Elana Meyers Taylor grew up with a mother who made sure Elana knew about Title IX. She knew about Billie Jean King. She knew she had opportunities as an athlete, and she went for them.

Just like her mom, Meyers Taylor was a softball player. And it was as a softball player that she first set her eyes on the Olympic dream. A member of George Washington University's inaugural softball team, she graduated in 2007 with the school record for single-season batting average at .414, a mark she still holds today. But when softball was eliminated from the Olympic schedule after the 2008 Games, Meyers Taylor decided to adjust her goal.

Still Olympics or bust, she set her sights on the sport of bobsled. Since then, she's been to three Olympic Games, brought home three Olympic medals and won the 2015 world championship title.

And this year, she accepted another honor: She was named president of the Women's Sports Foundation (WSF), the nonprofit advocacy group founded by Billie Jean King to promote opportunities for women in sports. Meyers Taylor has been involved with the WSF since 2010, when she won one of the organization's travel and training awards -- financial support to help her chase that Olympic dream.

"My first memory is getting invited to the Annual Salute in 2010 after we won the bronze," she recalls. "I saw Laila Ali and I was like, holy cow, at one point I thought I could be a boxer, but seeing her and knowing we would be in the same weight class ... there's no way!"

Unlike some past presidents of the WSF who have been retired from competitive sports, Meyers Taylor is still at the top of her game. Last week, despite fighting a bad cough, she won a World Cup gold in St. Moritz, Switzerland, ending the German team's 24-race winning streak.

We caught up with Meyers Taylor -- still coughing -- for the scoop on what she's been listening to lately. No surprise that Beyoncé's "Run the World (Girls)" tops her list. Here's the rest of her playlist:

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