What athletes eat: Triple jumper Tori Franklin's vegetarian tacos

Tori Franklin is no stranger to breaking records. As a collegiate athlete, she set Michigan State University records in the triple jump both indoors and outdoors.

Now she has achieved that same feat at the national level. Last summer, after three years as a pro, Franklin jumped a huge 14.84 meters to set an American record outdoors. And last week she repeated that feat, leaping 14.57 meters and setting an indoor American record.

Franklin shared her veggie taco recipe -- including the surprise ingredient she adds to canned beans to satisfy her sweet tooth.

Courtesy of Tori Franklin

Day and time: Weekday lunch or dinner

Place: My apartment

What I'm eating: Veggie tacos

Why I'm eating it: Because this recipe is delicious and it's healthy. After the initial prep, it's quick to prepare and lasts for a few days.

Whose recipe: My own

JuanJo Martin/EPA-EFE/REX/Shutterstock

The recipe:

Baked sweet potato
1 can vegetarian pinto beans (I like Bush's)
2 quarter-sized squirts of barbecue sauce
1 tablespoon brown sugar
Guacamole (I prefer mild)
Prepared couscous
Fresh kale, washed and torn into pieces
Feta cheese
2 corn tortillas
Olive oil

Honestly, I buy the sweet potato from the hot food section of Pete's Fresh Market. I'm sure it can be found at similar grocers such as Mariano's or Whole Foods (or you can bake it yourself). I purchase the couscous prepared as well, but you can make that too by following the directions on the package.

Place the canned beans in a small pot and bring it to a light simmer. Then, add barbecue sauce and brown sugar. (I have a sweet tooth, so most of my meals are on the sweeter side.) Mix and continue to let simmer.

Cut the pre-baked sweet potato into small rectangles that will be easy to place on the tortillas.

Oil a pan and heat to medium-high, then lightly crisp the two tortillas on both sides. Place tortillas on a plate and set aside.

Begin to stack the tacos. I first place a scoop of beans in the middle of the tortilla. Next, I add a spoonful of guacamole along the side of it. Then I lay about 3 to 4 cubes of sweet potato on the other side of the beans. I scoop some couscous over the potato and beans and top with a few pieces of kale. Last, I sprinkle with crumbled feta cheese. Bon appetit!

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