What athletes eat: Hockey player Kendall Coyne Schofield's overnight oats

Pro hockey player Kendall Coyne Schofield has a lot of hardware in her trophy case. From the Pyeongchang Olympic gold in 2018 to her five world championship golds and two under-18 titles, she's both a veteran in the sport and a leader on the ice.

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But more than all those medals, what really fuels Coyne Schofield is the opportunity to inspire the next generation of girls and athletes. "Everyone can look at accolades and say 'This was the greatest accolade I have received.' And sure, that would be the [Olympic] gold medal," she told us. "But what I take away from the sport is the ability to impact others and inspire others to follow their dreams. To be an accessible role model for future generations is something I take seriously."

Most recently, Coyne Schofield became the first woman to compete in the NHL's All-Star Skills competition in January. She filled in for Colorado Avalanche center Nathan MacKinnon, who sat out due to injury.

"I found out four hours before I was going to be competing," she said. "A few people in the NHL organization knew I had speed and I could keep up, and kudos to them for having that conversation and believing the sport of hockey is for everyone. I would skate that 14-second lap every day to see the impact it's had on so many people, specifically young girls."

Now Coyne Schofield is back home in Chicago, and back to work for both the Minnesota Whitecaps and Team USA. "The Olympics aren't every four years; it's every single day," she said. "If I have an opportunity to go to a third Olympics it would be a dream come true."

Coyne Schofield shared the pre-training breakfast recipe she tinkered with for years until she got it just right. "I am sure everyone has had overnight oats," she said, "But I kept adding more and more into the recipe until it filled me up, tasted good and had all of the nutritional factors I was looking for."

Here's her recipe:

Kendall Coyne Schofield

Day and time: Weekday mornings

Place: At home in Orland Park, Illinois

What I'm eating: My version of overnight oats

Why I'm eating it: It fuels me for my morning workouts and skate, it fills me up enough and consists of so many nutritional benefits. I am an avid milk drinker, which surprises a lot of people, but I wanted to eliminate some of my dairy intake so that is why I switched to coconut milk yogurt. I have milk at dinner every night at home. Also, I am not gluten-free but use gluten-free oats because they are easier to digest and give me energy faster.

Whose recipe: My own

The recipe:


3 big spoonfuls (maybe a cup-and-a-half) coconut milk vanilla yogurt

1 spoonful chia seeds

1 scoop collagen peptides (a supplement)

3/4 cup uncooked gluten-free oats

1 handful fresh blueberries

1 handful fresh blackberries

Mix everything up and refrigerate overnight. That's it!

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