What athletes eat: World champion snowboarder Anne-Flore Marxer's caramelized banana and chia seed oatmeal

Swiss-French snowboarder Anne-Flore Marxer spent 15 years competing on some of the most extreme backcountry terrain in the world, winning the prestigious Freeride World Tour title in 2011.

And along with battling competitors and Mother Nature, Marxer became an outspoken advocate for women's rights in a sport where women have had to fight to get equal opportunities and prize money.

Her frustrations led her to Iceland, a country ranked first in gender equality by the United Nations for nine years in a row. There, she directed her first film, the documentary "A Land Shaped by Women," which explores what gender equality looks like in Iceland.

Marxer and fellow freerider Aline Block lived in a van for two months as they traveled around Iceland filming, and along the way she perfected this warming breakfast the duo were able to prepare in their van's kitchen.

Courtesy of Anne-Flore Marxer

Day and time: In the mornings before going up to the mountains while filming.

Place: I made this in my travel buddy, costar and fellow snowboard competitor Aline Bock's van, as we traveled across Iceland. The van had a kitchen!

What I'm eating: Oatmeal with chia seeds, nuts and caramelized bananas for breakfast (apples and berries as a bonus).

Why I'm eating it: Before long days on the mountain, I like to have something warm in my tummy that will get me going all day in cold temperatures. It's an easy breakfast to make, and helps me stay strong and warm through rough weather.

Whose recipe: Mine.

The recipe:

Coconut oil
1 banana
2 cups hemp, coconut or almond milk
1/2 cup oatmeal
Sprinkle of chia seeds (to your liking)
1 spoonful of pure nut butter (peanut, almond, etc.)
Optional: apple slices or berries as extra toppings

Heat a saucepan and add a tiny bit of coconut oil to prevent sticking. Chop a banana and add one-third to the pan, cooking until it turns golden. Remove cooked banana and set aside.

Fill the pan with your choice of milk. Once hot, add oatmeal. Stir, then add chia seeds. Chia will soften the longer you cook it.

Continue to stir occasionally as the oats and chia seeds cook. About halfway through, add the caramelized banana pieces so you can taste the caramelized flavor with the milk.

Don't let it overcook. Remove oatmeal from the stove when it's still a bit crunchy or al dente and put it into a bowl.

Stir in nut butter and add the rest of the (uncooked) banana along with apple slices, berries or any other toppings you like.

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