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  • Voepel: Fever, Sparks in must-win situation

    Friday night comes down to this for the Fever and Sparks: win or go home. For Tamika Catchings, that would mean another frustrating end of a season. But for Lisa Leslie, a loss would mark the end of her storied career.

    Sep 24 | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: 'We got Penny Taylor -- and you don't!'

    Diana Taurasi and Candace Parker each had 28 points Wednesday. But even Taurasi probably knows Penny Taylor's presence off the Phoenix bench was bigger than both.

    Sep 23 | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: Zellous helps Shock foil Fever

    Once again, the Fever face elimination at the hands of the Shock. But Wednesday, Detroit rookie Shavonte Zellous, who has stepped up in Katie Smith's absence, was the one inflicting the damage.

    Sep 23 | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: Los Angeles' Quinn living the dream

    Once a fan watching the Sparks, now a woman playing for them, Noelle Quinn is living out her childhood dream.

    Sep 23 | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: No turning back Taurasi in Game 3

    In the final game of her career, San Antonio's Vickie Johnson put in a superb performance. But for as much as Johnson turned back the clock, there was no turning back Diana Taurasi, who refused to let Phoenix lose.

    Sep 21 | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: Detroit's Nolan is the key in the East finals

    Few play bigger in the postseason than Deanna Nolan. Will the Detroit star lead the Shock back to the WNBA Finals, or can Indiana hold her in check enough for its first appearance in the championship series?

    Sep 21 | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: Parker drives Sparks into West finals

    Thanks largely due to Candace Parker's drive to come back as good as ever from maternity leave, Lisa Leslie's career and the Sparks' season aren't done yet.

    Sep 20 | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: Familiar foes to meet in East finals

    Indiana has never gotten a chance to play in the WNBA Finals. To get there this summer, the Fever face Detroit, which has eliminated Indiana from the playoffs for three straight years.

    Sep 20 | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: Catchings carries Fever to playoff win

    There really isn't a big mystery about how Indiana has gone 5-0 against Washington this season: The Fever are simply a better team.

    Sep 17 | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: Mercury must regroup after flat Game 1

    Give San Antonio credit for its win Thursday. But Phoenix played more like a team that barely got into the playoffs than one that is among the favorites to win the title.

    Sep 17 | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: Shock rally to put Dream on brink of elimination

    In a series in which injuries already had sidelined several stars, Game 1's ending should have been no surprise. After scoring 25 points to lead Detroit's 94-89 rally past Atlanta, Deanna Nolan left the game, dizzy and ill.

    Sep 16 | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: Sparks, Storm have room to improve

    Wednesday's score might make it look like Seattle challenged Los Angeles down to the wire. But Game 1 was more about the Sparks' managing not to lose.

    Sep 16 | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: Leslie looks forward to retirement

    After 12 seasons in the WNBA, Lisa Leslie will retire when the Sparks' playoff run is over. What's next? The possibilities are endless.

    Sep 15 | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: Dream of a turnaround

    After a league-record 30 losses in their inaugural season last summer, the Atlanta Dream have rebounded to reach the playoffs.

    Sep 15 | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: Predicting the playoff winners

    Which teams will wind up in the WNBA conference finals? Here's our take on who will win the first-round playoff matchups.

    Sep 14 | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: Momentum, injuries to make big impact in playoffs

    Phoenix and Indiana won their regular-season titles with relative room to breathe. But even the conference champs have to take a deep breath before going into these playoffs.

    Sep 13 | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: In tight MVP race, Taurasi wins out

    A half dozen players could make a solid argument for WNBA regular-season MVP honors. But if we have to stick with one vote, it's Phoenix's Diana Taurasi.

    Sep 11 | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Almost time to bid farewell to L.A. legend Leslie

    Sep 4 | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: Hall of Famer Stringer looks ahead, not behind

    It's easy to honor Rutgers coach C. Vivian Stringer for all she has done. But the 61-year-old Hall of Famer would rather focus on the future and her still-going-strong coaching career.

    Sep 10 | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: Rutgers coach no second stringer

    If we learned one thing from the Elite Eight, it's that we can't pencil in Tennessee and UConn to meet come Sunday, writes Mechelle Voepel.

    Sep 10 2:25 AM ET | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: Yow's legacy lives on

    The true measure of the Kay Yow/WBCA Cancer Fund will be its growth and longevity without Kay Yow there to promote it.

    Sep 7 | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Mercury even score with Fever as Douglas sits

    Sep 2 | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: They've got next

    With players such as Lisa Leslie retiring, it's time to look at the upcoming generation of women's basketball players.

    Sep 2 | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: Lynx, Silver Stars race to the finish line

    As the regular season winds down, the final playoff berth in the Western Conference will likely come down to a race between Minnesota and San Antonio.

    Aug 31 | By Mechelle Voepel