Ali Krieger wearing headband to help prevent concussions

U.S. defender Ali Krieger will take the field at the Women's World Cup wearing a headband that promises to mitigate the impact of force that causes concussions.

Unequal Technologies, known best for its Gyro product, which is a Kevlar insert that goes inside football helmets, announced Monday that, after she wore its Halo headband in friendlies leading up to the tournament, Krieger was ready to put the headband into play during the World Cup.

Joe Scarnici/Getty Images

Ali Krieger wore the Halo headband in a friendly vs. Mexico last month.

Unequal CEO and founder Rob Vito said he received a call from U.S. national team assistant coach Steve Swanson, who was looking for something innovative for Krieger, who has had two concussions. The solution was the Halo, which is made of military-grade fabric said to be five times stronger than steel.

"It's not just to protect from the big hit," Vito said. "It's all the little hits, called subconcussive hits, that add up."

Krieger, in a statement provided by the company, said she likes the headband because it is light and doesn't change how she plays.

On April 10, in a National Women's Soccer League match, Krieger had to be taken off in a stretcher after suffering a concussion when she collided with opponent Jessica McDonald.

Unequal plans to take advantage of its product being featured on the world stage. The product is being sold for $30 and $40, depending on desired thickness, on national sports retailing websites.

The Women's World Cup began Saturday in Canada. The United States plays Australia in its first game Monday night.

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