Jose Canseco the king of comedy


It might be a little weird that Ian Kinsler and Prince Fielder were traded for each other after discussing trades with each other.

In case you were avoiding all media for fear of seeing what Miley Cyrus did to her eyebrows and missed out on sports, we've got you covered. Here's everything you missed last night.

Let's make a deal

MLB was all like "We're still here, don't forget about us!" on Wednesday night when Detroit and Texas worked out a blockbuster deal that sent first baseman Prince Fielder and a cool $30 million to the Rangers and second baseman Ian Kinsler to the Tigers. Baseball fans everywhere seemed stunned by the news. However, as many people pointed out on Twitter, Fielder and Kinsler themselves actually discussed being traded together in a now completely blown-out-of-proportion commercial for "Sunday Night Baseball" in 2010. Did the Rangers and the Tigers get the idea from this very commercial? Did the two stars know this was coming years in advance? DID ADAM SCOTT MAKE IT WEIRD?

Lil support

Olympic gold medalist Lindsey Vonn partially tore one of the reconstructed ligaments in her surgically repaired knee on Tuesday while training for her return to competition that was scheduled for next week. Her Sochi hopes are now in serious doubt. While the latest setback must be devastating, Vonn now has plenty of time to catch up on social media. First order of business? Thanking rapper and apparent hardcore ski fan Lil Wayne for his support, of course.

That Weezy F Baby is such a gentleman.


At the end of the third quarter of Wednesday night's Rockets-Mavericks game in Dallas, ESPN sideline reporter Chris Broussard did a customary interview with Mavs coach Rick Carlisle. Down 101-87, Carlisle clearly wasn't in much of a talking mood and responded with terse one-word answers. Before the Internet even had a chance to make the easy comparison, he said "That was my Popovich impression" in reference to the legendary and feared interview skills of San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich.

Somewhere out there, probably practicing his "You disgust me" facial expressions, Popovich is… not laughing at this.

Garden woes

The seemingly unstoppable Indiana Pacers handed the lowly New York Knicks their sixth kstraight loss at home, 103-96, in overtime. But cheer up NYK fans, think about the talent in the draft this year if you tank! Andrew Wiggins would look great in the orange and blue. Ehh, never mind. The team traded its 2014 first-round pick to the Nuggets as part of the deal to acquire Carmelo Anthony. Well, uh, at least you have all those die-hard celebrity fans, right?

Wrong. It seems even the stars at MSG have started rooting for the winning road teams. Rapper and New York City native ASAP Rocky was in attendance on Wednesday and was spotted celebrating with Pacers star Paul George after the win.

Please also note Dylan McDermott in the background. You know it's bad when the Knicks start losing the C-list television actor market.

The Canseco that keeps on giving

Foot Locker's "Week of Greatness" is apparently a real thing. And just when you thought it couldn't get any better, disgraced former baseball player and noted crazy Jose Canseco was pulled over for driving with goats in the back of his car. I'm talking about actual Taylor Swift-singing goats here, people.

Why exactly did he have goats in the back of his car? Because he's Jose Canseco, obviously.

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