Shaq's fallen and he can't get up!

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Shaquille O'Neal received a lot of, um, support from his TV teammates after he tripped on set.

In case you were too busy attending the midnight screening of "Catching Fire" (just me?) and missed out on sports, we've got you covered.

Just ugly

The New Orleans Saints beat their divisional rival, the Atlanta Falcons, for the second time this season in a pretty ugly Thursday Night Football matchup. Just in case Atlanta fans weren't feeling bad enough about the season, the Falcons are now 2-9 after the 17-13 loss, which is a less impressive record than the frequent NFL punch line Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Greg Schiano, er, the gang at NFL Memes had to rub it in.

Maybe the Falcons are just tanking so they can land Andrew Wiggins. Never mind.

Do you believe it?!

Here's a video of what will most likely be the last half-court shot contest at Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City. For the second time in three days, a lucky fan nailed a ridiculous shot and won a cool $20,000. While fans – including Jay-Z and Beyonce – clearly loved Brad Brucker's moment, it's hard to believe the Thunder and their sponsor, MidFirst Bank, share the same sentiment after writing out those checks.

Hellllllllo, Sherman

Seattle Seahawks DB (and Tom Brady foe) Richard Sherman stopped by the ESPN offices Thursday. And (moderate) hilarity ensued. We're not even mad about it, bro.

Shaq down! Shaq down!

From the "we're the three best friends that anyone could have" department, Shaquille O'Neal slipped and fell face first onto the ground during TNT's Los Angeles Clippers-Oklahoma City Thunder halftime show. The always demure Chris Webber and Kenny Smith played it off, pretended it didn't happen and stayed completely on topic. Um, not really. The fun-loving bunch not only yelled "He fell!" 457 times in between their fits of laughter, but they also showed the fall in slow motion for the rest of the night.

If that moment doesn't win an Emmy, there truly is no justice in this world.

And finally ...

Show of hands. Who likes raising money for charity? Cool. Good for you, decent person. Now, who likes buying a stranger's facial hair for charity? Guessing you're saying something like, "Eww, you sick freak!" right about now. Red Sox bearded wonders David Ortiz and Shane Victorino somehow agreed to allow Gillette to auction off their now-shaved beards to help Movember, the international organization that raises money for prostate and testicular cancer research.

While the cause is certainly worthy of donations, it's hard to imagine just who would want clumps of hair molded together into a literal ball from someone they don't know. However, some creepy dedicated fans have already bid over $1,650 … and there's over a week to go.

I'm going to stop writing about this now before I throw up on my desk.

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