Moving moments on warm, fuzzy night

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Doc Rivers said a standing ovation left him "basically useless" at the start of Wednesday night's game.

In case you were too busy panicking at the mall over your holiday shopping and missed out on sports, we've got you covered. Here's everything you missed last night.

He's back

Just months after unceremoniously ditching the Celtics to hang out with Lil Chris, Doc Rivers made his return to Boston on Wednesday as his Clippers faced his former Celtics. While Rivers told reporters earlier in the day he was expecting boos from the crowd, he was clearly taken aback by the standing ovation he received. So much so, he seemed to be having some sort of allergic reaction to the dust in his eye.

The Celtics even played a video tribute during the game for Rivers. And just when you thought the night couldn't get any better for the coach, he somehow managed to choke back his tears and lead the Clips to a 96-88 win. WHAT'S YOUR EXCUSE, BRAD STEVENS?

Rivers' East Coast reunion tour continues Thursday night in Brooklyn when he faces his former players Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce. While I don't think Rivers will get a standing ovation at the Barclays Center, he'll probably still receive a better reception than Nets coach Jason Kidd.

How about some art?

Two weeks after his poor performance against Auburn in the Iron Bowl, Alabama kicker Cade Foster still can't stop hearing about his bad day. And while most of the tweets and letters he's received have been death threats, one note might just make up for them all. On Wednesday, Foster posted a letter he received from President and fellow No. 43 George W. Bush.

Because handwriting clearly isn't taught at Yale, here's the translation: "Dear Cade (#43), Life has its setbacks. I know! However, you will be a stronger human with time. I wish you all the best – Sincerely – Another 43 George Bush." While this is cool and all, am I the only one a little disappointed Bush didn't send a painting.

He did his best

In a video that's sure to embarrass everyone everywhere, Carolina Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly lost a dance-off with a Charlotte-area elementary school teacher during a Play 60 event. As Kuechly says after the contest, he's lucky he never needs to dance in the end zone.

Good game plan

In "if Lindsay Lohan can find a job, why not you?" news, the North Dakota football program had an interesting applicant for its head coaching position. Christopher McComas, a nerdy tech guy in West Virginia, threw his hat into the ring with the cover letter of all cover letters to the school's athletic director. While McComas doesn't have any actual football experience, he has attended a lot of Marshall games AND he is a pretty gifted Madden on Sega Genesis player. Good enough for me! Honestly, with that resume, I'm shocked UConn didn't hire him.

The 33-year-old went on to cite his coaching strategy as so offensively progressive, "Chip Kelly will be calling me to learn my offense." In an attached PowerPoint presentation (seriously), he specifies his can't-miss four-step plan for success: "1. Recruit great players 2. Win a lot of games 3. Recruit more great players 4. Win more games." While no word on if North Dakota will be bringing in the next Vince Lombardi for an interview, McComas has been working hard on the playbook for the 2014 season.

Right on base

During the Rule 5 Draft on Thursday, the Texas Rangers drafted some baseball player named Russell Wilson. Yes, THAT Russell Wilson.

The Seattle Seahawks quarterback, who played for the Colorado Rockies Class A team in 2010 and 2011, likely has no interest in giving up on this little football thing he has going on, but credit to the Rangers for drumming up some publicity and interest in an event that otherwise no one would have cared about.

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