Buzz That Was: A night of football magic

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Jameis Winston somehow found himself sharing the spotlight with Frankie Grizzle-Malgrat and Dee Dee McCarron after leading Florida State to the national title.

In case you were too busy throwing an early goodbye party for the BCS and missed out on actually watching the game, we've got you covered. Here's everything you missed last night and this morning.

Best for last

In its final national championship game before the College Football Playoff takes effect next season, the BCS actually did the unthinkable and gave us – GASP -- something we might miss. Top-ranked Florida State battled back from an 18-point deficit to defeat second-ranked Auburn, 34-31, and became the first non-SEC team to hoist the trophy since Texas in 2006. With 4:31 to go, the Seminoles claimed their first lead since early in the first quarter with a jaw-dropping 100-yard kickoff return by Levonte Whitfield. I watched it about 257 times last night, and will now watch it on a loop for the rest of the morning.

Auburn found a way to answer, however, getting a 37-yard touchdown run from Tre Mason with 1:19 left. The Tigers took a 31-27 lead, De La Soul probably gained some new fans who weren't alive during their heyday and everyone wondered if birthday boy and reigning Heisman winner Jameis Winston could do the improbable and lead the Noles to a dramatic win. Before anyone could finish singing "Happy Birthday," Winston threw a 2-yard pass to Kelvin Benjamin with 13 seconds remaining to all but clinch the team's first national title since 1999.

And while Winston was the game's real hero, it was FSU's ball boy who became the Internet's choice for MVP. Known as "Red Lightning," Frankie Grizzle-Malgrat has been a cult figure among college football fans throughout the season. On Monday night, he firmly etched his place in Internet lore with more tweets, memes and GIFs than Grumpy Cat.

Getting in on the action

Because you just can't have college football without the mother or girlfriend of Alabama QB AJ McCarron, mom Dee Dee McCarron jumped into the spotlight and sent a misguided tweet during Winston's postgame interview. It was almost immediately deleted, but not before everyone in the Internet-using universe saw it and formed an opinion.

In an effort to deflect the firestorm, she basically said, "sorry, not sorry" in a follow-up tweet. She apologized to "any1" who was offended. An interesting choice of spelling for a person criticizing someone else's English and grammar skills, to be sure.

Fist bump heard 'round the world

Hot new bromance alert! As if the game didn't provide enough memorable moments, my new co-worker Tim Tebow and America's favorite party bro Johnny Manziel fist-bumped at halftime and the Internet all but exploded. Lucky for us, SB Nation captured the magical event between the new BFFs and put it in GIF form.

The blossoming bromance between Tebow and Manziel. on Twitpic

Vonn leaves void

In sad news, Olympic gold medalist Lindsey Vonn pulled out of the upcoming Sochi Games because she needs further surgery on her right knee. The fan favorite said she was "devastated," but felt her knee was "too unstable to compete at this level." She hopes to return for the 2015 world championships. Naturally, the announcement drew disappointment from fellow athletes, fans and, presumably, NBC executives.

That's my Dennis

NBA Hall of Famer and noted eccentric person Dennis Rodman somehow managed to convince actual former players that you've heard of to join on him on a trip to North Korea. Kenny Anderson, Vin Baker, Cliff Robinson, Charles D. Smith and Doug Christie are some of the members of Rodman's team that will face a North Korean squad Wednesday night as part of a birthday present to dictator Kim Jong Un.

The group spoke to Chris Cuomo of CNN to explain why these seemingly sane individuals would participate in such a trip. And while Smith does his best to speak of the benefits of "basketball diplomacy," an emotional Rodman takes it to crazy town with something that can only be described as a meltdown. It's pretty much the basketball version of Terrell Owens' famed "That's my quarterback" news conference -- if Tony Romo were an internationally loathed leader infamous for human rights violations.

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