Buzz That Was: Rodman takes the cake

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We can't even imagine what Dennis Rodman will do for an encore after performing "Happy Birthday" for Kim Jong Un.

In case you were too busy celebrating national treasure Nicolas Cage's 50th birthday and missed out on sports, we've got you covered. Here's everything you missed last night.

Gift that keeps on giving

On Tuesday morning, the Buzz's favorite crazy uncle, Dennis Rodman, spoke to Chris Cuomo of CNN about his latest trip to North Korea. Surrounded by fellow former NBA players also in the country for an exhibition game as a birthday president to dictator Kim Jong Un, Rodman had a total meltdown while discussing his friendship with the controversial leader and whatever else was going on in his head. If you were as confused as Rodman about what was being said, please allow Jimmy Kimmel to break it all down for you.

And if you still haven't gotten your fill of saying "WHAT THE?" this morning, Rodman performed an, er, interesting rendition of "Happy Birthday" to his BFF before the game.

On the bright side, the North Korean fans' blank stares and confused expressions as the eccentric star took the court might just prove that people everywhere are the same after all.

Impressive numbers

LeBron James had an impressive 32 points, five assists, three rebounds and one kiss for a woman sitting courtside in Tuesday night's Heat win over the New Orleans Pelicans in Miami.

He's just winning games and making fans' dreams come true. No big deal.

Settling the score

On Monday night, Florida State won the BCS national championship in thrilling fashion over Auburn. The school was so excited about the win that it rushed to offer a national champions T-shirt on its online store. Eager fans who bought the shirt probably wish they had actually read it over before submitting their credit card information.

Before Auburn fans had a chance to believe the loss was just some sort of realistic nightmare, Florida State corrected the error and now sells a shirt with, you know, the right score.

Sign of the times

It's no surprise former Tennessee star and reigning WNBA MVP Candace Parker gets hounded for autographs. But hats off to her 4-year old daughter, Lailaa, who also honors requests for her signature.

Did somebody call for an encore?

I think we need to talk about J.R. Smith. On Sunday, the New York Knicks' zany guard untied Dallas Mavericks forward Shawn Marion's sneaker. After the clip of the stunt went viral, the NBA issued a warning to Smith and he received a stern talking-to from coach Mike Woodson. So naturally, Smith took the lesson to heart and … tried to do the exact same thing in Tuesday's matchup with the Detroit Pistons.

Why, exactly, did this happen in the very next game? Is he completely desperate for attention? Is he channeling his inner Lindsay Lohan and believing any press is good press? Does he think a warning issued by the NBA is an esteemed honor? Did he not receive enough hugs as a child? Only Smith knows for sure.

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