Buzz That Was: Halloween in January

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Carmelo Anthony got to be king for a night when he scored 29 points to help the Knicks beat the Heat at the Garden.

In case you were too busy feeling old because "Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century" had a baby and missed out on sports, we've got you covered. Here's everything you missed last night.

Go New York

The New York Knicks have won a paltry 13 games this season, and yet they continued their recent dominance over the two-time defending champion Miami Heat with their fourth win in the past five tries on Thursday night. Apparently looking to impress Spike Lee and Kate Upton in the crowd, Carmelo Anthony scored 29 points to lead the Knicks. Lee, for his part, was seemingly not trying to impress anyone in attendance with a fashion statement that all but begged Twitter to comment.

In addition to the league-issued $50,000 fine, Knicks guard and future "Punk'd" host J.R. Smith was benched for his two attempts to untie opponents' shoes earlier this week. But Smith was still a star on social media. The hilarious "Did JR Smith miss?" account didn't disappoint.

Somewhere out there, probably taking pictures of herself, Rihanna is contemplating a sassy way to call Smith out. Again.

As the Flair turns

BREAKING NEWS: Ric Flair will not be attending Sunday's NFC playoff game between the Carolina Panthers and the San Francisco 49ers. I know, I know. This is a heartbreaking announcement to be sure, but try to keep it together until you at least get home from work.

Last week, Flair -- a longtime Charlotte resident until recently -- traveled to Green Bay to give the 49ers a catch-phrase-laden pep talk before their game against the Packers. The WWE legend went as far as saying "his heart" was with the team.

But because of Flair's ties to Charlotte and his earlier declarations of being a fan, the Panthers had made his famed "Woooo" chant a part of their locker room celebration. Panthers fans were livid about the act of treason because there apparently isn't much going on in Charlotte right now.

Flair's agent says he's received death threats from fans and thus won't attend the game on Sunday in Charlotte. The Panthers told reporters Flair had never been invited to attend in the first place. To summarize: No one seems to have any idea what's going on.

But, according to the Charlotte Business Journal, Flair might in fact be afraid to attend the game but not because of the fans. There is an arrest warrant for the former wrestler in Mecklenburg County and he could find himself in handcuffs before he even had a chance to "Woooo" for either team.

Puppy power

In adorable news, members of the Chicago Blackhawks posed with pitbull puppies for a super-cute calendar that will immediately make you shriek, "Awwwww." The proceeds will go to the foundation of left wing Bryan Bickell and his wife, Amanda, which raises awareness of the often-misunderstood breed and helps train them to assist abused children.

Beary scary

Clutch the Bear, the inflatable mascot of the Houston Rockets, decided to get his prank on and terrify innocent players with his frightening presence. Their reactions were, of course, captured on film for your enjoyment. No Rockets were harmed in the making of this film. The same likely cannot be said for Dwight Howard's cell phone.

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