Buzz That Was: Oh, snap!

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A late snap that caused Philip Rivers to snap was one of the most memorable moments of the NFL weekend.

In case you were too busy trying to make sense of Jacqueline Bisset's Golden Globe speech, finding a way to party with Diddy or unearthing Leonardo DiCaprio's "too hot for TV censors" joke and missed out on sports, we've got you covered. Here's everything you missed this weekend.


After a stellar wild-card weekend in the NFL, fans everywhere had high expectations for the divisional round of the playoffs. And those fans were probably disappointed. While there were a few tense moments, the four games overall lacked in the drama and intrigue department. They did make up for it with a strong showing in the unintentional comedy category, though.

In the weekend's last game, the Denver Broncos topped their divisional rival San Diego Chargers 24-17 for a spot in the AFC title game. Despite a fourth-quarter rally, the game will perhaps most be remembered for quarterback Philip Rivers' "but Mom, I don't want to go to bed yet!"-style temper tantrum after a late snap resulted in a penalty in the first quarter.

Not content with letting Rivers simply stew in his anger, Broncos defensive end Robert Ayers decided to mock him during his walk of shame to the sideline. The NFL: Where first-grade comedy is… still pretty funny.

Beard be gone

While Rivers' moment was all the talk on Sunday, the AFC's other losing quarterback was Saturday's pick for Twitter punchline. During the Indianapolis Colts' 43- 22 loss to the New England Patriots, Andrew Luck and his beard were Photoshopped into just about everything.

Hopefully Luck will use his newfound free time looking up facial hair tips. Or auditioning for the next "Hobbit" movie.

That's my move

The San Francisco 49ers advanced to the NFC championship game with a 23-10 win over the Carolina Panthers. 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick tried to keep the Internet trolls engaged by celebrating a touchdown with Cam Newton's signature "Superman" move.

Sadly for Panthers fans and Vine users, Newton never had a chance to respond with a kissing-the-biceps touchdown celebration of his own. Naturally the parody account of the adorable Play 60 Kid had to weigh in.

Forward thinking

After storming back during the final moments of Saturday's NFC matchup, the New Orleans Saints had a chance to beat the Seattle Seahawks as the final seconds ticked down. And then wide receiver Marques Colston did "the stupidest thing I've ever seen in my whole entire life," said everyone on social media. With 13 seconds to go, QB Drew Brees threw Colston the ball near the sidelines. Instead of stepping out of bounds like everyone else in the world would do (source: Twitter), Colston tried to throw across the field to running back Darren Sproles. He was called for an illegal forward pass and given a 10-second penalty, which ended the game and gave the Seahawks the win. Womp, womp.

In Colston's defense, after watching the Saints struggle to get anything going offensively for most of the game, it was nice to see someone attempt to throw the ball down field. So I'm sure that will keep Saints fans cheery and upbeat until next season starts.

Let me introduce you

Non-football news alert! On Saturday night, the Toronto Raptors snapped the Brooklyn Nets' five-game winning streak at the Air Canada Centre. But alas, it was the team's "Drake Night" festivities that really thrilled the crowd, and made casual fans actually care about the game. The famed rapper and Toronto native was named the team's "Global Ambassador" last fall. While there is no job description for the position, it at least ensures a celebrity at a few Raptors games.

The former "Degrassi" star even handled player-introduction duties. He not only pronounced everyone's names correctly but provided some surprisingly funny one-liners throughout. If, "they used to tell him he looks like Chris Tucker, but he doesn't" is exactly what you've been saying about Kyle Lowry for years, then this clip is definitely for you.

So I guess we're all going to collectively forget about all of those times Drake was spotted in Miami cheering for the Heat. Well, maybe all he cares about is money and the city that he's from, after all. Or maybe the Heat just didn't offer him an honorary role.

'It was almost a cakewalk'

While you were busy watching your imaginary BFFs Tina Fey and Amy Poehler manage to be simultaneously hilarious and delightful during the train wreck known as the Golden Globes, "60 Minutes" aired an interview with Biogenesis founder Anthony Bosch. In the segment, Bosch claimed that he personally injected disgraced New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez with performance-enhancing drugs. You should probably just watch this one because everyone is going to be talking about it at work today.

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