Buzz That Was: Dangerous liaisons?

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Johnny Manziel announced that he has signed with the King's man, Maverick Carter, and LRMR.

In case you were too busy recovering from Sunday's hectic television-viewing schedule and missed out on sports, we've got you covered. Here's everything you missed last night.

The King's bro?

Longtime friends of at least a year, LeBron James and Johnny Manziel made their friendship bound by law on Monday. The former Texas A&M quarterback and future NFL draftee signed with LRMR, the firm founded by LeBron and his childhood friend Maverick Carter, for management of off-the-field projects and deals. LeBron signified the agreement with the formal Pic Stitch treatment on Instagram, so you know this is serious.

Manziel's team was reportedly impressed by LeBron's management model and hopes the same will be replicated for the 2012 Heisman winner.

No word whether that means there will be a "Decision"-style special when Manziel is choosing which party to attend each night. But we can dream. You know, something like, "This is very tough … tonight, I'm going to take my talents to South Beach to party on Dwyane Wade's yacht. I feel like it's going to give me the best opportunity to take photos with beautiful women and sing karaoke with my bros. ..." I'll stop here.


Because I know you couldn't live another moment in a universe in which these two weren't together, Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover star Kate Upton are reportedly back on. OH, HAPPY DAY! I'm still not sure how any of us pulled it together every day knowing somewhere out there a star athlete and a supermodel weren't enjoying their millions of dollars together. But, alas, now all is right with the world.

Over the weekend, the duo was spotted at the Tampa Bay Lightning-Philadelphia Flyers game in this slightly creepy picture taken by a fellow spectator.

And believe it or not, the good news isn't over yet, so try and contain your excitement. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Verlander and Upton went out to eat before the game. Dinner AND a hockey game? Whoa, this sounds serious! By tabloid standards, I think this makes them pretty much engaged.

Somewhere in Middle America

Peyton Manning has endorsed everything from Papa John's to Reebok to DirecTV over the years and is known for being a committed pitchman. So talented at the craft, the Denver Broncos quarterback added spokesman for the Omaha Department of Tourism to his resume ... without even knowing. During the playoff win Sunday over the San Diego Chargers, Manning yelled "Omaha" to his teammates a whopping 44 times. Nebraska's largest city instantly became a trending topic on Twitter, to the thrill of the city itself and a certain business with "Omaha" in its title.

Well played, Omaha. Well played.

A scary thought

The Chicago Cubs introduced their brand-new mascot to the world on Monday. In the least surprising news since Jennifer Lawrence doing something hilarious (yet adorable!) on the Golden Globes red carpet, Twitter had an opinion on "Clark the Cub," the pantsless, pervish-looking bear from your worst childhood nightmare, or so says everyone on the Internet. You can judge for yourself.

Now let's all hope Clark the Cub and Pierre the Pelican are never allowed within 500 feet of each other, unless it's for a horror movie shoot. That could be extremely terrifying, even for the most seasoned of 4chan and Reddit users.

May I have this dance?

If the image of Clark the Cub and Pierre the Pelican together hasn't completely haunted your soul yet, then this video of the Utah Jazz mascot might just do the trick. During Monday's game against the Denver Nuggets, the feisty Jazz Bear creepily forced a helpless referee to dance with him. Is it me or have these mascots really gotten pushy lately?

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